he cried…

i think God forgot give a heart to me….

please somebody.. just tell to me why???

what did happen to me?

i hurt his heart




he hugged me

and kissed me when he were crying..

i am so shocked..

he cried because of me

ohh god..


i hurt a pure heart..

everything is dark right now..

who am i? i am nothink ..

but why??

why i always make another people hurt…

absolutely.. i dont want to be like that..

what did i do??

he cried for me and because of me..

did God give me a heart??

i just wanna cry right now..

i can’t show to him that i really love him..

do i have a heart..

daddy.. please forgive me..

daddy….. i f u know… you are a man that have a softer heart than the others

and if u know..

i always cry when i know u cry..

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