go to Kuala Lumpur part 1

fadilla zennifa
my ambition to around the world is starting….
it s beginning  @ January 2012.. i step my international journey from the nearest country…


in this neighboring country .. there are many experience that can i take ..
we can see
how the importance of hijab among men and women

how the significance of differences

how the behavior of a non-student

and how the student’s behavior ..

and there is sign in my passport that my first destination was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ..









my first step in this neighbor country .. i think there is not seem significant difference .. wong is still at the airport: p









but.. when i went to Putra Jaya..
Genting Highland
and University @ gombak all they call it as universitas islam antar bangsa.,
i saw there are many different thing @ malaysia..

1. they keep their hijab…

it is so different with Indonesia.. if u come to a mosque.. u will find 2 doors… 1 for man and 1 for women.. so u can not see ur wife or ur child in this mosque…because they are in the different room hehehe

many people always use “baju gamis” here
as u can see here..

yeaa at least like this la..

2. People in this country is heterogen
here u can see many “RAS” ..
like india china.. malaysia.. Indonesia… khirgyztan canada,,, etc,,
this country is full of newcomer,,,
but.. the negative side is… there are discriminations for newcomer. like indonesia… because…. there are indonesia people become maid servand here,,, 😥

3.This country is very orderly
dont try to againts the regulation of this country.. because u will get a big punish and hard punish…
this country law is strict

as u can see here :

mean while the gate opened… no people use this gate,, because they know that this gate is not for them

4. non Student  Behavior..

the local people always think that indonesia or they call it as Indown… are really annoying…. because indonesia people just make they country full…


5. student behavior

malaysia student is never underestimate any country,,











about culture… there is not special thing here…

Indonesia is more complete…

but.. if u talk about building.. OMG.. indonesia LOST..

if u talk about transportation…

public transportation is more orderly and more complete here,,, and it is so diferent with Indonesia







oh ya.. when i was writing this story,,, i was listening take me to your heart too…

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