Hello, i am aze


it is 1 AM. but i didnt sleep.

who am i?

i am an ordinary people that will be an extraordinary people. (anything wrong??)

every people have a dream, and there are many ways to take the dream.

in my mind, to catch my dream, i must have a different thing and different think.

to make real a big dream, u’ll face a big problem too.

so if u feel ur dream is too difficult and so hard to make it comes true, 

just try try try and pray pray pray…


as an ordinary people… 

no reason to fear if i want to catch my dream…

because if i am fear… surely, i’ll never get my dream..

i am not an extra ordinary people now, 

i have normal life..

but i believe… if i never give up, i can get my dream

like agnes monica said :

“if there is people can do something 100% i’ll be do it up to 300%”.


yaa.. i agree with her.

i believe that in 2016 i can go to austria and study there..

to get my dream, i try to join in every competition that can i take.

but tonight, i remember… that i still did not do the best..

tonight i’ll burn my spirit again..

and i’ll take every chance that can i take.


actually, my big dream is become an astronout.

meanwhile i am an electrical engineer, this is not a reason to stop my big dream.

i believe.. an electrical engineer can do everything…

because everything need electricity.


and i know… my big problem is my index graduate and my capability to face mathematics problem

because of that…


i promise to my self..

that i’ll be focuss and serious to catch my dream

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