in the end of my bachelor degree part 1

well, this years insyaallah will be my last year in Andalas University for my bachelor degree, the result of semester 7 was shocked me because it’s really bad 😦 i really disappointed with my Communication system of Fiber Optic, This is chosen Subject and usually every chosen subject will give B- for the worst mark.. but in fact i got C. i really disappointed 😥 because i know well about fiber optic. 1 of reason i cold be accepted in this university without test because i became a winner of Writing Competition for Young , and i wrote about Fiber Optic,beside that in my on the job training, i was researching about the newest technolgy of Fiber Optic and etc..because of that, until today it’s really hard for me, why i only got C in that subject .. but yaah never mind.. show must go on.. well alhamdulillah next week i’ll do proposal seminar for my final project. please pray for me ok.

oh ya! there’s a scholar ship that i really want… IELSP..

it’s a exchange scholarship to america.


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