my story in Japan Chapter 1

Hey what’s up! In this note and also in this blog, I would like to share my story in Japan to you, yeah, special for you my readers J!.

Well, my first place in Japan is in OSAKA prefecture, I landed to  this prefecture because I used air asia aeroplane.  When I landed to OSAKA, I was so happy, in my mind I always said “amazing, now you are alone and far from your family and also you country, you will use different language you will see different landscape, and enjoy this adventure. YEAH,,, ENJOY THIS ADVENTURE!!” and the adventure just began. When I made Resident card, unfortunately, I didn’t know why, when it’s my turn, the resident card tool BROKE… yeaah,, it’s BROKE! And I didn’t know why it happened in my turn (-_-). After waiting for a while, finally I got my Resident Card.

osaka airport

Actually my destination is Fukuoka prefecture, I will be a part of Kyenkyusei student In Kyushu University. I guess some of you didn’t know what is Kyushu University. Kyushu University is the Oldest university in Kyushu Island (it has same history like andalas university (my undergraduate university)) and alsa, Kyushu university is the Public University (Government university). Actually Japan only has 7 Public University, and Kyushu university is one of them, and also Kyushu university is Favorite university in Japan, because of that to get undergraduate program in this university is also hard like another public university in japan.
When I landed to Fukuoka Airport, my senpai (sannomiya senpai and also Kinoshita san) picked me up and  brought  me to Ito Dormitory (Kyushu university dormitory). And after that day, I came to welcoming party for new member in Iramina sensei Laboratory and Lawrance Laboratory. Actually there are many foreign people in that dormitory. It caused because iramina and Lawrance Sensei  make collaboration laboratories (may be). Actually, I learned about Biomedical Engineering  (specially : Neuro Science, Neuro Imaging, Neuro Measurement

I am a part of Iramina Laboratory. ).  In This laboratory, we used English as official language and Japanese for another language. Fufufufufu. The people in this laboratory are very kind. In Tuesday (8 October 2013) there’re  big Taifun in Fukuoka Area. Me and mr. Basuki never saw Taifun before, because of that when we knew there would be taifun in fukuoka area, we’re so happy and really waiting for the moment (is it little bit weird may be hahahaha). The news said that the taifun would be reach Fukuoka Area in 6th PM.. and we’re really waiting that moment…  but when time showed 5 PM, and we saw the wind became harder, we decided to back to the dormitory. We went home with sannomiya senpai also. When our Sensei see us wanna back to home, he asked us “ do you have umbrella” of course we said “no” and sensei permitted us to use laboratory umbrella. But he said to sannomiya with Japanese language , “ blablabla aya aya” I didn’t know what he said, because my Japanese is so POOR. So I asked my senpai what’s the meaning of that sentence. And he explained it to me. And actually as cheerful girl and childish girl, I asked a question that may be make he shy (GOMENNASAI SENPAI, I am KIDDING).
my room
Well, today (9 October 2013) I did Hiragana Test and I got perfect course. It happened because many people teach me and gave me quiz. I must get this class because I will be gakusei  for Japanese class in April. (I don’t know , can I make Japanese fluently in April -_- and could I get scholarship in January (-_-) ) let’s enjoy the adventure!! After doing hiragana test, me and basuki san and Richard san and  yan san watching Kinoshita San research. He, sensei, miki san showed to us about EEG and another equipment  and also sannomiya senpai became the object. When I saw the equipment  I said “HENSHIN, RETURN!!!” Because the velocity sensor look like a watch fufufu,,, but unfortunately, no people understand what I meant and may be sensei thought that I was so weid hahaha. And also..when I watched the kinoshita research, my stomach produced “hungry sound” and I was so shy 😥 . Richard thought that I were fasting. But no,, I am not fasting,, hmm actually I went to coop and wanna buy a lunch. But when I want to take the lunch, I met Malaysia woman, she said I couldn’t buy that, because they’re not Halal. Huhu because of that I just bought Coffe Milk.. but FUUUUUUUUUUH,,, unfortunately it made my stomach produced Hungry sound.. 😥 and miki san asked me “are you hungry” and I said yes.. ffufufu I saw my sensei look me like  sad person L but it’s okay hehe. Tomorrow I will bring lunch from dorm. Hmm and today I came in to Lawrence class.. he’s good teacher.. really good teacher. This is my first time to attend international class like that. And in the first meeting we got assignment.

Hmm actually my adventure in Japan just began, and let’s start a new thing! Ganbarimasu!!!!!!! Oh ya readers.. if you have any information about arubaito please give me the information. Because I want to do it.. from now.. I will do unusual thing that never I did in Indonesia. Please pay for me… eeeh I meant please pray for me hehehe.

Bye bye! Sayonara~


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