my monthly story In Japan Chapter 1#

well, Ogenki desuka? watashi wa genki desu.

are you ready to read my story in japan ( Monthly Version chapter 1)

after writing my first story about my weekly life in Japan, now i would like to share my monthly story.

oh ya if you have not read my weekly story in japan, you can click this LINK.

as the latest story, I came to Japan in October 2nd 2013.

i wrote this story in 5 November 2013. so i  have  lived in Japan for  1 Month 3 days.

some story was told by me in the last article, so GOMENNASAI if there are some repeated story, but i will try to tell the new story in this monthly story.

Actually, for me today is so cool, when i woke  up this morning, the temperature was 10 degree Celsius,,,  what the,,

for me that’s really cool and made me soooooo lazy to wake up from my bed. But i must woke up, because this morning i have Japanese class at 8:40 AM.   (i Have 2 Japanese teacher… 1st one is soo easygoing and so cheerful, 2nd one hmmm she has serious face but she is kind… but i have no idea if i make something trouble in her class)

actually, yesterday was holiday in Japan ( I dont know why, so dont ask me why) and i forgot that today is Tuesday. I thought today’s Monday.  i Predicted that i would be late for japanese class for today just because i forgot the right way to reach the west 4 building. But because i thought today was Monday i did not worry enough.. i thought ms 1st would teach me today,, ( ms 1st is really cheerful and so Funny) but jeng jeng jeng,,, when i opened the door (yeah i was late ) blegh… in my deep heart i said (ALAMAK JANG!!) I saw ms 2nd in that class but it’s okay,,, nothing scary happened  hehe.

well, yesterday me and my Indonesia friends were playing bicycle from 10:00 Am till 7 PM, so today i felt so tired and so so so so so so sleepy and hungry and hungry and hungry and then become Panda… (#EH)

because of that i bought coffee to make me feel fresh,,, (hmm actually almost everyday i drink coffee 😦 )

my desk









so , i believed after reading above story, you would say what is the important thing of that story,, huh this is spam…
hey hey hey chotto matte kudasai! ok i would like to write serious story below this.

hmmm by the way, Ramen is so yummy,,,
thank you so much for basuki san who payed my Udon

you must remember, when you’re in the other country or when you’re so far from your family , DON’T TOO SENSITIVE. DON’T THINK UN-important thing such as a mocking from another guys or something that makes you down.. just enjoy this life..

life will be wonderful if you enjoy it.

when you get sad, and nobody wanna listen your heart voice, just pray,,, and tell your feeling to GOD.

when you dont have much money, you have to save your money.
when you have not get your scholarship, just try and try again
when you falling love with foreign people…
i have no idea hahaha

this is the end of my monthly story


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