my story In Japan, Chapter 2.

Caution : This is not my monthly story, this is my weekly story, but unfortunately, i just can tell it to you this day

well, i wrote this story in November , 21th 2013. hmm,, almost 2 month in Japan, i got many interesting story and i got new experience in my life. actually in the previous story, i forgot to tell something. okay let me to tell it,

the day when i would come to japan, i realized my luggage weight is Over 8 Kg, because of that, i must  reduce the content of my luggage and because of that i only brought some clothes and i just realized that i was too stupid because i trough out some thick Jacket, Formal Clothes and something that can save my life in winter,,, yeah you must know guys,,, i am cold allergy. So the effect of my stupidity , i got itchy when the night come and i must turn on my room heater. But that’s not a big problem hehehe


well, forgot about my stupidity, this week i got many many many many great experience. Actually, KUFSA (Kyushu University Foreign Student Assosiation) gave challenge to foreigner for Introducing their country to Motooka Junior High School Student ( i joined to this program and i introduced my beloved country : INDONESIA). When i went to Motooka Junior high school, I felt like i was in Japanese Dorama, because the student is so かわいい and really like what i always see in Japanese Dorama.


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