How to make program with GUI Matlab,,,

I use Matlab 7.10 version. In this tutorial I will share my knowledge about how to make simple program with GUI Matlab to show picture,,

Okay let’s start:

1. Klik File>New>GUI (Don’t forget to Click ENTER or click your mouse, because if u did not click that, there will be nothing happen… )


2. choose : Create New GUI -> BLANK GUI ( if this is your first time to make a new program) but if u already have Program with GUI, U can choose : Open Existing GUI ->  and choose Your Program


3. Start to make Program With GUI:to make a text

1. choose this toolbar


2.If u click TXT, you will see this toolbar when you do double click)


5. after finishing your design, click M-File Editor to create the syntax ,










6. type this in the last line


7.and RUN,,, jang jang jang jang…. Congratulation,,,










note, the kind of picture is : jpg (if u wanna use png, gif… it’s up to you,, but see what will happen…

what? do u wanna print this tutorial??

okay okay you can download this tutorial in this link How to make program with GUI Matlab

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