Vanessa Mae-The Most Genius violinist

Who doesn’t know about Vanessa Mae, she is The most genius violinist in 21th Century.

What?? you don’t know her? i believe you always study hard.. so you must to relax your self. when you read my blog, i suggest you to listen her(song?).

actually if u asked me how can i know about her meanwhile in fact my parents are not musician? oke i would answer your question, because i am good girl ^_^, actually when i was kid, i really liked to play organ(keyboard) no bodies ever taught me how to play keyboard( okay i will use keyboard not organ, because when i used organ, it makes me remember Human body) i learned it autodidact . Nah, i really liked to listen classical music and i listened her music. actually my first listening (of course i used this word because i never met Vanessa Mae, so Impossible if i sad “in my first meeting”) i was directly fallin love with her style in playing violin.

well, actually when i was child i thought vanessa Mae is Japanese, because her face is really look japanese… but in fact she is Singapore jin desu.


actually before Vanessa Mae, there was popular Violinist in 18th century, his name is Niccolo Paganini.  he is really genius and do u know? Vanessa Mae have same  birthday with him they’re born in October 27th. and also they have same technique in playing violin. (i.e  staccato and pizzicato).

hmm actually i really wanna play violin, but unfortunately i never try to play violin,, because what? because i dont have friend who can play violin.. 😦

actually, until now i am so curious with Violin,, i wish if i have money i will buy violin and bring it around the world… i wanna go to Praha.. wanna go to Austria,,, and I wanna be with u… #eh??


(niccolo paganini)

want to listen Vanessa Mae? here it is :


more about vanessa mae:


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