when scientist and engineering student falling love

life is wonderful and there are many story in it and of course love is the most interesting story inside. aa let me sing!  

anna and hans


All my life has been a series of doors in my face And then suddenly I bump into you , ‘Cause like, I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place And maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue


haha stop it!!   from some perspective of scientist and engineering student, Love is calculation. realise it or not, we always calculate anything. for the example, when we are falling love, we will calculate the probability of our chance to meet someone that we like (or love?) (hmm may be for above case is not special for scientist and engineering student, hontou desuka?.) when we heard a news that someone we like will go with another person to a place more than one day and using aeroplane (just for the example), some of us will calculate the distance of the location, the time that will they spend, probability of time for sleeping in the aeroplane and the other… love is really full of calculation.

the other example, when we meet a people that we like in cafetaria but we do not have any brave to call him or her, Inside our mind, we always calculate is he/her look or realise that we are also in cafetaria, did we in the best angle for him to have ability for seeing us. and is there any chance for us to speak with him..


love is calculation,,,

ya indeed..

but when your love will be happy ending or not, is not only depend of your calculation…

but……….(i dont know then answer of it)


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