Brain Finger Printing

the first time I heard this topic was in my laboratory seminar. my lab mate explained an idea about brain finger printing.

honestly, this topic is really interesting, but I just couldn’t imagine how the result of wave brain make a differences between person in “not lie ” condition with “lie condition”.

actually do you know what is brain finger printing?

“Brain fingerprinting is a forensic science technique that uses electroencephalography (EEG) to determine whether specific information is stored in a subject’s brain.”

do you now EEG? for Indonesian, you can read this.

actually, I tried to find some explanation about brain finger printing on Youtube, but the video did not answer my question, by the way, wikipedia said this technology is controversial.

and then I tried to fine the topic about it in  let’s read it together… this link

after reading this paper, yatta… Brain finger printing  detect the P300 as a response to stimuli related to the crime or other investigated situation. I’ve never thought about this way. Because I just read little topic about p300 before. if I heard about eeg, my brain connection always refer to alfa beta gamma delta sigma teta wave



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