A Cup of coffee at Magnificent Mile

this story is started in our meeting at IEEE Engineering in Medicine and biology Society. I’ve never expected that I would meet an inspiring and wise man. He is still young for becoming an assistant professor. he is 28 years old, and know manything about our field, Brain – Neuroscience. In short time, he shared his knowledge to me. one day I asked him to give me advice and tips..


and read this..
my wise friend said :
“Try to read the maximum of articles related to your topic, it is important to know what others did and specifically what lacks in their projectd. as in many cases you will find that the perspectives presented in a paper are answered in another one. it is some kind of puzzle pieces. You will try to line them all after that you will find that there is an issue that no one answered it. from this point you start presenting your own answer either by proceeding to experiments or by developing new algorithms. At the end, you will find that you made a job that no one has done before and you can be accepted by all the scientific communities related to your topic. Don’t be shy of your work even if that is the worse and try to communicate as much as you can with persons who will try to criticize your work. it’s very constructive to do so as it is could be very beneficial for you to speak english. You have yo defend your work. It’s your own effort. It’s your hard work. you put a lot of your time. You life on it. in other things, sharing it with those who start their PHD could help you and them to avoid wasting time.

I asked him, how he can be so wise like that. who’s motivated you?
and he said
” During my thesis I was betrayed by my best friends and I was supported by others. I had the opportunity to make many challenges. May be some times it makes me very mad. But in all cases, I learnt a lot from each experience I had. ”

and I said to him that he is very good in controlling his emotion.
and then he said
” This is the power of Islam. When you are betrayed, the only think you can say is ” GOD, I have faith on you. Please Help me and help me hold my emotions.
experience will teach you. everything in our life has positive aspect, event it is hurting. it still hold a positive aspect and you have to find it and continue your life without spending time on scandals, it would not help at all ”



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