why cinderella?

Ever you think the reason why Cinderella come to the ball is just because she wanna meet the prince and falling in love with him? Or ever you think why Cinderella could accept the prince proposed a.k.a someone she never knows before? Doesn’t Cinderella marry with the prince just because she wanna run away from her bad life? Wanna change her status from bad to better, from poor to rich? Cinderella is countryside girl, in another hand, prince is an uptown boy. How come they “just” decided to get marry in once meeting, and WE think they are falling in love into each other and we bet, their story is really a romantic story.  They have really different world, different life style and social status. And now lets think about the prince, how come he decided a girl ops ops ops,, from men side, perhaps I could understand why.. so the answer of all this stuff is because Cinderella is Pretty (?)CinderellaIIIStillcap2

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