why PhD dilla?

not only you, many people asked me why do you want to continue to PhD?

sometimes, If I am lazy to answer that questions, I will just show my Student ID card and say ” read this, my graduation time is march 2019. I am not in master program. I registered in this University as Doctoral student for 5 years. Even in any academic document that I fill, I have to check the Doctor degree menu with 5 as additional number”

but yeah come on, I know that is not what you mean.

a week ago I spent my time to fill the scholarship application for the next 1 till 3 years. this moment makes me remember a moment in 2 years ago. when I was a research student in Japan University.

  • Why do I want to be a researcher in this field?

A lot of women around the world cannot gain higher education due to society. Growing up as a woman in a country which positioned in the 4th largest population in the world, called Indonesia made me consider that I have to be an aspirator. Why do I have to be an aspirator? Because it is a chance for me to show that women are effective agents of development. Becoming a researcher is one way to be an aspirator. Doing research is a way to answer every mystery about anything that we do not know. I love to take a risk and challenge myself, sharing my knowledge and doing discussion with others, and all of this will I get when I become a researcher.

bagian otak

Now a days, brain health and disease are becoming a hot issues. After Hans Berger invented Electroencephalograph, one by one the mystery of brain are opened. Many diseases was discovered and some can be cured. But in the other hand, the number of sufferer of brain diseases are also increasing. This world need a system that can screening brain disease fast and easy to use. Because screening or diagnosing is the first step to find the abnormality in brain, and this is what I am doing now. Japan as the leader in technology, is the best place to do this research. Because this country has instruments such as Near Infra-red Spectroscopy that will not be found in Indonesia or some south east Asian country.

Meeting young researcher all over the world in 2015, Italy
why PhD? Dont you have any plan to get marry?

in this time I just can make a plan for my academic. Because it seems countable thing. we can predict How to do, what step, what have to be changed. Become a PhD is a bridge for me to be the real researcher, a chance for me to meet many greats scientist and the best time to explore my ability, explore my character, explore the answer “why God choose me to be the citizen of earth”

Don’t you wanna get married? what a stupid question tho,, How can I get married even no one proposed  me.

Processed with MOLDIV
Oh come on, who wanna get married with a girl who really like to eat photato chips instead eat meal. She even could not cook.

yeaa I am hopeless in Love experience but I believe I have bright future to be a researcher… Ganbatte!!

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