being an academia is

hi, readers, welcome to my blog again. This morning I checked my IEEE membership account , and luckily my membership has not expired.

Has a dream to be an academia will make you think about a lot of stuff. pursue bachelor degree, continue to master degree and go to PhD degree, finish ? no, of course you need to take post doc, publish uncountable journal and make networks to maanyy researcher, professor, professional, and you need to do this process in the whole your life. (note: this is the way how to be an academia in generally, because in Indonesia, even if you finish your bachelor degree, you could be an academia)

but remember!

it doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole life just staying in lab, or in your room. you need to work smart and play harder..

why? because to be an academia means you will get a lot of pressure in your mind if you don’t enjoy it, your life can be ended by suicide.

Join professional organization, attend many conference and meeting, meet many people, discussion, share inspiration,  that’s the way to enjoy your life an academia

you should note it :

being an academia, means you already understand that you will not have a lot of money, you should think how to spend your money wisely. but that’s not a big deal. Because the best thing when you become and academia, you could discover and finding the answer of your questions and your curiosity by your own hand. In the other hand, you will get perpetual charity when you die..

by the way, this is my third years to be a part of IEEE member, Just realized the price between student member and professional member has big range.
so why is it important for posting it on my blog?,
because I suggest for Electrical engineering student, it’s better to join and become IEEE member, why?

because will get many valuable information and it will be good for your future, whether you wanna be an academia or professional in EE or ETC and of course, you will get discount in every conference that you attend

It’s better to spend your money for your future or something benefit

the last… being academia is sacrificing ur life


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