Neuroimaging and Neuroinformatic technology

hi my lovely reader? what’s up? Just less than one month, I will do my master defense. Wish me luck. Well, probably I never talk about my research in this blog.

But today, I have mood to share a little bit about my research. You can download the abstract by clicking on this link.

the point of my study is

developed monitoring system of cognitive state in usual behavior without restraint using wireless EEG, ECG and NIRS in developmental disorder children such as mental retardation.

There are significant limitations of developmental disorder specially mental retardation people, such as their adaptive behavior which is expressed in the intellectual features and social concepts and adaptation skills. These characteristics start to be demonstrated from the early age of 18. Intellectual function is not well equipped to do adaptation in community and their life is prone to many social problems. To understand the characteristics of intellectual function in children with mental retardation, it is necessary to prepare a self-supporting to their living environment. It is also important for the society to help the mental retardation children.

thesis method
Instruments for measuring Neurophysiology and Hemodynamic in human

working on this big issue, called

Developmental disorder is so challenging, because as an engineer, I need to see this problem from many perspective, specially from my field, electrical engineering perspective.

I could not talk too much about my research to you, until I finish to present my data in my defense. So , don’t hesitate to download my publication first…


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