Dear prospective 25 years old single

yay! This article has been made by me at 12 :06 am, 2 /2 / 2016.

less than one months from my master defence, and less than six months from my 25 years old.

It has been many years I dated my self. Wanna laughing out loud, because all people around me are not alone. All of them have partner or even secret admirer.

but hey dear prospective 25 years old single,

what do  you want? what do you really want?


I wanna build a snow man, come on lets go and play…

lets climbing the highest mountain, cure the disease, become a volunteer, be teacher and student for others, make another people happy…

Life goal…

Because happiness is not about you have partner in 25 or not…

but when you can enjoy yourself, meanwhile you`re alone….

Sorry I am not an imposter. I dont understand what is love and I am not sure, is it really exist or only human imagination

hestek #klise



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