my life as PhD student

“what the hell I am doing now?” I believe 99,9 % PhD student ever said this word or even screaming it.

one months after I got my master degree, I continued my life as the “real” PhD student.

Well, in the name of my future life, I will do a research about the brain activity in Neurodevelopmental disorder children, specially Autism Spectrum disorder. I thought I started My first months as PhD students in really tough way. First, I have to adapt with my new life and “new” environment again. Because all my BESTfriend came back to their own country or go to the other prefecture, second I need to think carefully about my research plan because I screwed it. I noted my first month in PhD life as the worst moment ever. The unproductive time and combine with my basic problem : too easy to believe a new friends, so no wonder if person like me is easy to be betrayed by someone.

Now I am waiting for the announcement to go to USA for the second time.  seems my brain is stopped to working, not sure is it because fall in love or broken heart in the same time, but until today, I have not finished my slide to do presentation yet.

can you help me ?


Smile after getting our Master degree

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