what is love (a 25 years old ladies perspective)

waiting some one message you ?

feeling miserable when no one texting you?

asking many times why no guy tried to flirt or contact you?

I give you a question?

are you seeking for love?

as A scientist, I believe what science has revealed..  Love does not exist.

Even if you think you’re falling love with someone, you should consider to let him/her go.

Because if you ask, what’s love?

Love what I could explain is a feeling that you should letting go.. soon or later..

it absolutely would happen..

raised your hand if you’d ever been dumped by your fiancee. by someone who said really love you and asked permission to your family to marry you but just 3 days before your graduation ceremony, he broke  up with you. and right after one year he has new young ladies..

raised your hand if you fighted with your dearest friends just one day before your graduation days…

raised your hand when you feel so dull and keep loving someone who never look at you back… but you still want him to be happy and still crying everynight when you meet him. just because he knows alot about you but feel pity on you…

my 25 years old taught me, that what could I do for love is praying for all the creatures happiness. helping others. Wanted their happiness..



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