Beautiful Eyes

If you asked me, what is the most favorite part from human body that I really like to see?
probably is the eyes.

Since I was child, I really like my mom eyes.
My mom is Indonesian but she has small eyes. Her friends hehe even my father like to call her as “Nenek Jepang”. But actually she is not only have small eyes, but also white skin. When she was young, her cheek is always blushing naturally, seems like ANPANMAN

Among her brothers and sisters, my mom is the one who’s really like Japanese. Yes, my uncle has small eyes and my aunty too. But they don’t have the skin like my mom has. I don’t know why suddenly today I described about my mom. May be because today, again I see my friends eyes.

Mostly Japanese like to wear glasses, I don’t know is it because genetic factor, or because they really like to play game or doing many stuff in front of computer. But believe me, Japanese has the most beautiful eyes among east asians in my perception.

Japanese has “bright” brown color’s eyes. Usually this beautiful eyes could not be detected so well because they use glasses for daily activity. But once they put of their glasses, You will realize with the beautiness in front of your eyes.

What makes Japanese eyes special among other east asians? it is not only because the color, but also the size. Their eyes is not too small but not bigger than Indonesian eyes. Mostly, Japanese that I know also has long eyelashes. No! no! dont you think it is because they use additional eyelashes, it is impossible if a man use additional eyelashes. #tehe



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