Go to the past?

If you can go back to the past, what do you wanna do?

No I don’t want to go back to the past, don’t want to remember what had been happened, who I knew, who I met, specially for 2016-2017. It’s useless to go back to the past if I should re-play that time again.

Just several months before I turned in to 25 years old, I climbed Tachibana mountain with my lab mate, named Tha. In that time, he was last year PhD student. Tachibana became our farewell “climbing project”, our last climbing to be precise. As a young girl, I asked him for a suggestion what should I do when I became 25. Because many people said that 25 is a thug life.

It’s probably yes. When I became 25, there are many big decisions I should do for my life, for the sake of my future. I resigned from my previous work, broke up with my girl friend. Many things,, many thing happened. What you should do, keep remember life must goon, keep stronger.

Finally that time has come to me. I turned into 25, 2 year ago. I felt so lucky, because God still gave me chance to keep living and fight for all my dreams. Thank God, for those experience when I was 25.

Just before I turn into 27, I climbed Aburayama. A mountain that I climbed more than 3 years ago. I never expected that I would climb this mountain for the 2nd time. 2014 I climbed Aburayama as a kouhai. 2018, I climbed Aburayama as a senpai. How’s the journey? Let me tell you in the next post.

Could you help me to take picture with that Ajisai? as long I stay in Japan, I never take a picture with this flower….

2 days before I turn in to 27.

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